Multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Paris, I aim to work in a hybrid way toward the creation of compelling visual systems for both cultural and commercial organisations with a steady balance between great attention to details, typography and composition.

Creative indentity • Logotype • Graphic design Web/Print • Webdesign (UI/UX) •  Editorial design • Artwork 

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  • De Ceuvel
  • FMSH
  • Greendoc film festival
  • Hartnack
  • CNRS
  • La Veillée Pop


  • Leap Creative Studio
  • Le Beau Festival
  • Luha
  • Médecins sans frontières
  • Pastel Coast
  • Petit Bain


  • Pop Crimes
  • Sensape
  • Siècle productions
  • SSAR
  • Superprof