Ethics is a local economic ecosystem based on his own cryptocurrency in order to support a conscious way of shopping. Discover and buy directly through the app without intermediaries, from shops and craftmens willing to take good care of their social, economical and environmental impact. 



O1.Ethic & local

Discover your local community of shops and craftmens concious of their social, economical, environmental impact and willing to accept payments in "Ethics".

O2.Responsible cryptocurrency

Using "Ethics", a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain system, pay directly through the app  and support your local community. It’s transparent, dematerialized and without intermediaries.

O3.Digital wallet

Convert easily "Euro" into "Ethics" and the other way around. Consult your credit balance, make your transferts, check your historics ... Through the wallet it’s very simple to manage your "Ethics".


A very small pourcentage is taken from each of your payements to  supply a common pot. Each month vote for the project you want to see emerge in your city.


Take part of a very diversified local community, either you are profesional or not, you can propose your services or look for others.

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